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November 16,2012

- Ju-Sung Wu, MD
Board Certified
I have complete confidence when referring my patients to Healthwise Home Care Solutions, lnc. that they will get excellent care and I will be informed on a regular basis about their progress.
Septembet 10,2012

- Omega Edwards, M.D.
lnfectious Diseases Specialist
Board Certified
The strength of Healthwise is their caring staff. Trust is important and I trust them to care for my Patients.

The fact that Healthwise is physician owned is important because I know the agency has a very unique understanding of what I expect for my patients - high
quality, compassionate care.

- John & Priscilla D. 
We are so grateful for the wonderful care that Leilani T. has provided for John. John had knee replacement surgery in May. Unfortunately his knee became infected. On Monday, September 17, the knee replacement was removed, a cement spacer was inserted, and an anti-biotic regimen was begun so that a new knee replacement surgery could be performed. lt has been a nightmare for both John and myself.

Leilani T. has been coming to our home twice a day since Monday, September 24, and frankly she has been the only bright spot in our world during this time. She is skilled, she is caring, and she is nice. The instructions sent by John's doctors were not clear as to whether or not the anti-biotics were to be discontinued today. Leilani reached the consulting doctor for infectious diseases (who ordered the anti-biotics) in Dallas, TX, and he basically left it up to her to contact the surgeon. She followed through and got instructions from him. So let's add that Leilani T. is also responsible.

Thank you so much for sending her. She is a credit to your company!